Should i contract life insurance?

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Advice, Blog, Life insurance

It is very important to have foreseen in what situation we would leave our family in the event of our death, also of a situation of inability to work, even if we were diagnosed with a serious illness.

Life Insurance means Peace of Mind and Security for our Family, even for ourselves in the event of these unforeseen events.

Mortgages, personal loans, other financial charges, education costs of our children, taxes to pay in case of inheritance … are some of the reasons why we should consider taking out Life Insurance.

What Capital Should I Hire?

The Capital will depend on the financial charges that we have, at least we should cover the payment of mortgages or loans and an additional capital to pay taxes.

As a minimum it is advisable, in addition to covering these expenses, additionally the salary of three annuities so that our family can face various expenses of daily life such as the education of the children etc …

What Guarantees does my Life Insurance have to have?

The Coverage for Death due to any cause, illness or accident, and that for Absolute and Permanent Disability (to carry out any type of work), must always be contracted, to give security to our family and ourselves in the event of Disability for any job.

Another interesting coverage is Total Disability, for our usual profession.

And the Capital in the event of a Serious Illness Diagnosis can be very useful to meet the expenses derived from the change in the economic and health situation that it’s going to cause us.

How much does Life Insurance cost?

The price basically depends on 3 factors, Age of the Insured, Profession and Capital to Insure.

Life Insurance can be paid annually or even monthly so it is not really a significant expense for a family.

Depending on age and profession, covering a capital of € 100,000 for a 30-year-old person, the price of the Insurance can be over € 200 per year and for a 50-year-old over € 400 per year.

It is a very low price to cover the Safety and Peace of mind of our family.

How is life insurance contracted?

Currently it is very simple to contract the Insurance since it can be done in person, by phone and with a digital signature.

At Prudential and Brokers Finance we advise you on which capital and coverage are the most appropriate for your situation.

Call us and with a few details we can put together a quote for you.

At PBF Seguros we work with the best Life insurers, Axa, Allianz, Liberty, Santa Lucía, Reale, etc… Take advantage of current campaigns with up to a 50% discount!

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