Do you already know the new Animal Welfare Law?

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Although it should have entered into effect on September 29, 2023, the current political situation of Spain without a government, has made it impossible to develop the Regulations necessary to its application in which it should be specified, for example, what minimum capital the mandatory Insurance for pet dogs must have.

Currently we do not know when the Law will come into effect, although we think that as soon the government is formed the Regulation will be developed at the end of 2023 or throughout the first months of 2024.

The most important change, as far as our activity is concerned, is Mandatory Insurance for all dogs, it is currently only mandatory in some Autonomous Communities and for Potentially Dangerous dogs.

This insurance must cover damages to third parties, Civil Liability, throughout the life of dog.

It is the owner who must take out the insurance and it must provide coverage to the people responsible for the animal for a sufficient amount, yet to be determined in the future Regulation.


Dog owners who do not have civil liability insurance are exposed to fines of between 500 and 10,000 euros.

Other changes brought through by the Animal Welfare Law

– To prevent and control animal abandonment, a DNI or identification document is established of pets and companion animals with the name, date of birth, owner details. – Conceptual change in legal terms of the consideration of animals as living beings, ceasing to be personal property.

– A maximum of five pets are allowed per house, this measure will only affect those pets acquired after the law came into effect.

– The sale of animals in stores is prohibited, except fish, as well as breeding and marketing. It is reserved for duly accredited and certified breeders.

– The category of potentially dangerous dog disappears and they are now classified as “of special handling.”

– It is established that it is mandatory to take a course to own a dog, it seems it will be free of charge and online.

– You cannot leave a dog alone for more than 24 hours or a cat for more than three days.

– The use of animals for advertising, shows, celebrations (with limitations), begging…

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