7 reasons to start private health insurance

by | Mar 9, 2022 | Advice, Blog, Health Insurance

The saturation of public health services and Surgical and Hospital care is a problem that has dragged on for a long time in Spain.

This serious problem has been aggravated by the Covid-19 crisis in Spain and has prompted the hiring of private medical insurance due to the lack of public health care that we have had to endure in Spain.

Here we leave you with 7 reasons to hire private health insurance.

1. Forget the Waiting Lists

According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, the average waiting time for surgery in the Public Healthcare System is 93 days, and for a radiological diagnostic test, on average, more than 50 days.

In recent years, even visiting the specialist can also become an odyssey, in addition to waiting for the visit of the GP, it can take months before you can access the Specialist’s consultation.

Private health insurance facilitates IMMEDIATE AND DIRECT access to all Medical Specialties, complex diagnostic tests and unlimited surgical hospitalization.

2) Access to the Best Private Hospital Centres throughout Spain.

Health insurance companies maintain concerts with the most important hospitals in the country. Having private health insurance means accessing centres equipped with the latest medical technology, which have special units and offer all kinds of treatments.

For example, the Navarra University Clinic, with which companies such as DKV, Sanitas, Adeslas maintain agreements, which has a Pain Area, a Breast Cancer Area, a Cell Therapy Area, a Sleep Unit and a Clinical Genetics Unit, among many other clinical services.

There are even companies that allow access to the US hospital system, such as Sanitas and DKV.

There are also insurers that cover medical expenses in any hospital in the world, such as DKV’s Mundisalud reimbursement policy, which guarantees reimbursement of 90% of medical expenses abroad, Mundi Sanitas, Adeslas Plena Extra, Axa Optima Plus.

3) Simple Procedures – Eliminate Bureaucracy

With the Private Medical Insurance you can directly request visits to the different medical specialties without going through the general practitioner.

Even directly, the Specialist can prescribe and perform diagnostic tests at the same time in the Medical Centre without having to wait for another day.

Diagnostic tests that require prior authorization can be requested directly by phone or through Digital Applications!

4) Digital Services

Many insurers have added mobile apps to their customer services, where the insured can have their DIGITAL CARD, consult the MEDICAL CHART throughout Spain and request their Appointment virtually.

Video Consultations with General Practitioners and Specialists can also be carried out from these Applications, companies such as DKV, Adeslas, Axa or Sanitas are already offering it.

In a high percentage of medical consultations, contact with the patient is not necessary, with Video Consultations you save unnecessary waiting times.

You can also access Chats with doctors, Medical guidance…

5) Advantages for the self-employed and companies

For Companies, Private Medical Insurance is a personal expense deductible from Corporation Tax up to €500 per insured worker and for the Self-Employed it is a deductible expense from Personal Income Tax, up to 500 euros for each insured person and up to 1,500 euros for professionals with disabilities.

6) He cares about all areas of your health

Preventive Plans according to Age and Sex are also included in the Private Medical Insurance.
And since mental well-being is as important as physical well-being, many health insurances include a certain number of psychotherapy sessions per annuity and insured person.

Homeopathy, Osteopathy and other Natural Therapies are also included at prices arranged by Private health companies.

Even almost all the Companies have a Dental Service with some free services and the rest at reduced prices.

7) Worldwide Travel Healthcare

In case of Emergency, Health Insurance includes Travel Assistance among its coverages, private health insurance. For example, Adeslas covers up to 12.000 euros in case of emergency abroad, AXA up to 15.000 euros and DKV up to 20.000 euros. In addition to paying for medical, hospital and surgical expenses, companies usually include other benefits in these situations, such as the transfer of a family member (assuming the cost of the tickets) or even repatriation, if the insured person dies abroad.


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