Do i have to carry the insurance documents in the car?

by | Nov 12, 2021 | Blog, car insurances

One question that many drivers have is whether they should carry the Insurance documentation inside the car, the answer is that it is NOT mandatory since the Guardia Civil of Traffic and the Police can digitally access the database of insured vehicles.

In any case, it is always advisable to take it with you for any unforeseen event, for example, having policy data in the event of an accident, telephone numbers of the insurance company if you need a tow truck or assistance, check the expiration date of the insurance, etc.

What documents is mandatory to carry in the vehicle?

The mandatory documents that must be carried when driving are the following:

  • Drivers License, the penalties if you do not carry it can range from € 10 for not taking it and € 200 for having it expired.
  • Vehicle Circulation Permit, also the penalty for not taking it will be € 10 and up to € 500 for driving without authorization.
  • Data sheet
  • ITV Technical Inspection Card and the sticker with the effective date. € 200 fine for not having passed the inspection.

In the event of Loss or Theft of these documents, the pertinent Complaint must be filed so that fraudulent use of said documentation is not made, and of course request an appointment at Traffic and the ITV to obtain the new documentation.

Documentation in Digital Format!: App miDGT

The General Directorate of Traffic, the DGT, has a New App “miDGT” in which you can have all these documents in digital format, you can download it in Google Play or Apple Store.

The digital drivers license has the same validity as the physical one but ONLY in Spain.

You will be able to access your digital documentation with a Digital Certificate, Permanent Code, or with your Personal Data, which must be previously registered at the DGT Electronic Headquarters.

In addition to being able to access all the documentation of your vehicles on your mobile, you can request a report of a vehicle, check your points as a driver, pay traffic fines, pay fees for various procedures, notify who was driving your vehicle in case of penalty, even share your vehicle documentation.

In any case, it will be RECOMMENDED to carry a physical drivers license in case any unforeseen event arises and we cannot access the documentation on the APP.

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